This is an update for safety arrangements for return to the physical church. We have:

  • Fumigated the entire church premises
  • Hand sanitizer stations have been provided at different points in the premises
  • Changed the tap heads in the toilets to more user-friendly ones to make for less contact.
  • Sitting arrangements have been changed to make for social distancing
  • Only a maximum of people are allowed on the pulpit at any time.
  • Sharing of microphones is not allowed. Anyone requiring a microphone will have a dedicated microphone.
  • There will be no congregational singing at the moment.
  • Signages can be found around the church advising on social distancing and one-way thoroughfare.
  • The one-way thoroughfare has been designed to discourage socialisation and person-to-person contacts between venues. I will now walk you through the one-way rout so you can familiarise yourselves with the new system.

How to enter the church

  • Approach the church from the two-door main Entrance, not the gate. There is a guideline/consent you have to read and agree with at the door. Now, right door is reserved for entrance only and is so marked. You are expected to sanitise your hands after your temperature is checked, just as you get past the entrance door, just like this. If your temperature is higher than normal you will be advised to go back home or seek medical attention. You will be required to sign the attendance before proceeding into the premises from this point. This is a government requirement and is to be used for contact tracing in the unlikely event that any service attendant tests positive in the future.
  • From this point you can only go to the toilets or to the auditorium through the hall way by the service area in the Community Area and towards the approach to the Multimedia Room. However, unless you are on duty in Multimedia for the day, you can only turn left into the auditorium. The kitchen is locked and not in use. While in the auditorium, the only allowed exit is the two-door exit at the back of the auditorium, facing the pulpit. Exit is not allowed from the door by the Multimedia to the garden are. To exit the church you will need to enter through the fire exit in the Community Area and out through the second of the two-door Main Entrance. This thoroughfare means someone coming into the church has no meeting point with someone leaving the church.
  • We are encouraged to leave the premises immediately after the meeting of the day and not hang around for social interactions.

We also have arrangements concerning children:

  • Mouth & nose covering must be worn by staffs when dealing with more than one child.
  • Parents of young children who cannot socially distance will stay with these children in the Mother & Child section of the auditorium.
  • All other children in their classes will practice social distancing and will sanitise their hands regularly.