The Youth Church consists of the youths & singles in the church. With a name inspired by the accomplishments of the children of Israel under the leadership of Joshua, the team was created to 1) enhance the development of a well-rounded youth (i.e. spiritually, professionally, maritally); 2) provide a platform for building godly relationships through interactions and fellowship; 3) establish a support network through advise/counselling on pertinent issues; 4) develop a team of ambassadors for Christ in this worldly generation.

All these aims and objectives are achieved through a series of events and activities such as empowerment meetings, interactive discussions, workshops/seminars and social gatherings which are either self-organised or attended via invitation.

Like every organisation, a core team (referred to as ExCos) is required to ensure effective management of the team and we are always looking for individuals with great administrative/organisational or people skills. It should be noted that though the team is often, mostly made up of students, it is by no means restrictive to this category. If you are young, single, and/or young at heart, you are most welcome!!